We love to draw, and illustrating wedding venues is no exception!


An illustration of your wedding venue is the perfect focal point for your stationery. Bespoke, hand-drawn, pen-and-ink images are drafted in the studio before a special plate is created that we print from on our vintage press.


The line drawing is printed in one colour, and additional colour can be added by hand-tinting or a watercolour wash if you wish.

Simply send us a good, high-resolution photograph* of your venue and let us do the rest.

Other subjects, including homes and special places, maps, motifs and monograms, can be drafted upon request.

Drawings start at £75 and maps at £150.


Your Wedding Day Memories

The illustration can be reproduced as an A4 print to commemorate your special day, or as an anniversary gift perhaps.

Prices start at £20 for an unframed print and £45 for a framed print.

*Send a high resolution photograph (above 250dpi) of the subject from the angle you would like to see it from